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            “IE shapes leaders with a global vision, an entrepreneurial mindset and a humanistic approach to drive innovation and change in organizations.”

            IE ECOSYSTEM

            A business school for transformation, creation and innovation. Our internationally recognized approach creates an environment of thriving professionalism.

            IE Law School drives innovation in the legal world, training global lawyers that standout for their passion for entrepreneurship and humanistic spirit.

            Educating innovative professionals for the new world of work. Our students draw on communication, media, social sciences and technology to impact business and society.

            Architecture and design education is based on innovation, responsibility and entrepreneurial spirit, all fostered through project-based learning.

            We train influential leaders to transform and truly make a difference in the private, public, and non-profit sectors.

            IE University undergraduate programs are for students who approach learning as a way of life, and who are open to the world and to the transformative role of higher education.

            Educating lifelong learners for continuous impact in their careers and communities through high-tech/ high touch teaching and learning methodologies. Our learners are of all ages.

            IE ECOSYSTEM


            Adjust the filters on our advanced search tool to find the program that best meets your needs.

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            IE LATEST NEWS


            IE Business School Tops QS Online MBA World Ranking

            The school tops the ranking for fourth consecutive year.




            IE University extends delivery of online classes to confront the spread of COVID-19

            Online classes are extended until the 14th April, after the holidays.




            IE University Opens Online Training Hub in Response to COVID-19

            IE University launches Building Resilience to provide open online courses, webinars, conference series, articles and videos by experts and multimedia materials that focus on the present...




            IE University responds to coronavirus with online expertise

            Segovia campus moves all face-to-face courses online. Both Madrid and Segovia centers remain open, following the recommendations of the health authorities.




            Susana Malcorra, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Argentina, new Dean of IE School of Global & Public Affairs at IE University

            Malcorra, who has also been Chief of Staff to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon, has held positions of the highest responsibility in the private and institutional sector.



            IE INSIGHTS

            C-Centricity: From tactical to Strategic


            In order to fully transform into customer-centric organizations, companies must leverage eight key dimensions.

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            The Multiple Intelligences of Leadership in Times of Crisis


            The universe occasionally insists on reminding us that self-improvement is a constant goal of the human species. The latest reminder...

            Read more

            The Anatomy of Trust


            Trust has increasingly come to occupy the place it deserves in the business world. Indeed, trust is essential to proper brain function...

            Read more
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            Give Back

            Help us build the future of IE together!
            We value the support of students, alumni, corporations, parents and friends.


            C/ María de Molina, 11 28006 Madrid, Spain

            Getting around


            C/ Cardenal Zú?iga, 12 40003 Segovia, Spain

            Getting around

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