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            Liquid Learning

            knowledge extends beyond the classroom

            In times like these, it is extremely important to look forward with resilience in order to confront uncertainty—this means preparing ourselves for whatever the future may bring, embracing change, and harnessing the ability to accept and navigate the ups and downs of life. But most of all, we will not sit back. We will proactively look for ways to adapt and push the limits; most of all our own.

            Learning Innovation

            THE WOW ROOM

            Collaborative, interactive, user-friendly environment for online classes.


            Guaranteeing flexibility, agility, personalization and scalability.


            Fostering critical thinking, personalized learning and peer feedback.


            Introducing new class attendance systems through automatic facial recognition and multi-biometric self-check-in software.


            For students, faculty and staff to hone their public speaking skills in front of a virtual audience through virtual reality.

            VR ROOMS

            Virtual reality stations to improve VR literacy.


            Training, student onboarding, chatbots and AI mapping software to improve the learning experience.

            WE ARE CONNECTED

            Now, more than ever, we empathize with the need to stay connected to each other, and we are committed to keeping our community closer than ever. At IE, we are leading a liquid approach to education. We are prepared, and near or far, we're all connected and equipped for anything.

            Capacity to teach 200 classes online simultaneously

            Classes provided in HD, service delivered 100% from the cloud


            "I found the transition to online education pretty smooth, especially with the help of the IT department and with a lot of hard work from the teachers... I think the biggest impact has been the fact that we get to continue learning despite the crisis going on around us."
            "I honestly miss going to university and interacting with my colleagues, but this is something we all need to do for the safety of the most vulnerable people in our Society... The quality of the information is as always up to standard, and our professor’s particular insights from their working sector are evident, like in class on campus. "
            "The classes are effective, and we are covering important material through these online sessions... I appreciate IE’s rapid response to the situation. They made sure to establish clear communication and ensure calmness. "
            "As human beings change is always uncomfortable, but it’s only through change that we can see ourselves learn and grow... We will become a greater community; learning to support and value every member who forms part of it. "
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