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            What’s Going On

            International MBA Students Applaud Women in Tech Mentoring Program | IE Business School

            International MBA Students Applaud Women in Tech Mentoring Program

            Female International MBA students enjoy one-on-one mentorship for tech-related jobs as world wrestles with coronavirus.

            As the world grapples with the coronavirus pandemic and companies navigate remote teams and tele-commuting, IE Business School’s Women in Tech Mentoring Program finished its second edition to much applause from students.

            “I have had the fortune of consistent communication and mentoring sessions with my mentor. I am so grateful to have been afforded the opportunity to learn from a woman who has been ever so generous with imparting her knowledge,” said student Sinenjabulo Zungu. “More than ever, such a privilege has become so meaningful.”

            The program– offered exclusively to female International MBA students interested in developing a career in technology– focuses on clear business goals, interviewing techniques, career guidance and networking.

            18 May 2020


            Programs, The School
            Five Promising Sustainability Startups to Watch | IE Business School

            Five Promising Sustainability Startups to Watch

            IE Business School alumni have launched environmentally-sensitivity startups. Here are five winners to keep an eye on.

            13 May 2020


            Programs, The School
            IE Business School Competes in MBA Impact Investing Network and Training

            IE Business School Competes in MBA Impact Investing Network & Training

            A team of IE Business School’s MBA students competed in the MBA Impact Investing Network & Training.

            28 Apr 2020


            Programs, The School
            IE Business School Alumni Initiatives Against Covid-19

            More IE Business School Alumni Initiatives Against Covid-19

            Feeding those in need, offering free services, raising funds and providing medical gear set example in fight against Covid-19.

            23 Apr 2020


            IE Community, Programs, The School
            Jeremy Whitty - Director of Development at The Global Health Network | IE Business School

            The Global Health Network and the Knowledge Exchange for Covid-19

            Sustainable research teams sharing knowledge related to Covid-19 has made the Global Health Network an important tool in the new pandemic.

            23 Apr 2020


            IE Community, Programs, The School
            Gayle Allard at the WOW Room | IE Business School

            IE Business School Tops QS Online MBA World Ranking

            The school tops the ranking for fourth consecutive year.

            22 Apr 2020


            Recognitions, The School

            IE Business School Alumni Help Fight Covid-19

            From free services to 3D printing, IE Business School alumni set example and step up to fight Covid-19.

            As the world wrestles with the Covid-19 pandemic and the number of infected cases globally climbs daily, IE Business School community members have stepped up to show leadership and resilience. We applaud the agility, resolve and compassion these alumni have shown in the face of adversity. If you or someone from your class has launched an initiative to address issues, shortages or distress caused by the coronavirus, please let us know.

            Abel Matutes, Chief Executive of the Hotel Business for Palladium Hotel Group and IMBA Class of 2006 graduate, was the first to offer health authorities the use of his hotel for additional hospital space for Covid-19 patients. Just meters from the overflowing Gregorio Maranon Hospital in Madrid, the group’s Ayre GH Colon turned into Spain’s first hospitalized hotel, with 361 rooms. “Very proud of the entire Ayre GH Colon team that is coordinating with [Madrid’s] health department,” Matutes said on Twitter.

            02 Apr 2020


            IE Community, Programs, The School

            Forbes Names Two IE Alumni to 30 Under 30 List

            Two Business school alumni snagged coveted spots on Forbes’ list of 30 Under 30 –Europe 2020, the annual roundup of the brashest risk-takers of ...

            30 Mar 2020


            IE Community, Programs, The School

            The Economic Implications of the Coronavirus

            The crisis in Europe began with a lockdown in Italy’s Lombardy region. It was the starting point of the big falls in the stock markets of Europe, ...

            27 Mar 2020



            A Rewarding Experience at 12:00 pm (CET Time)

            On Wednesday, March 18, I held my last Marketing session with my group from the Master in Management, which started in January. It is a group that I ...

            25 Mar 2020


            Leadership and the Social Essence of Human Beings

            Sometimes the universe insists on reminding us that, as human beings, we have an eternal obligation to improve ourselves. What better time to ...

            25 Mar 2020


            Coronavirus Outbreak: How Should Brands Respond?

            Consumption of media (including social media and Netflix) and usage of e-commerce are expected to rise sharply as more and more people quarantine ...

            24 Mar 2020


            The (Remote) Employee Experience

            The COVID-19 pandemic crisis has confined us to our homes, while at the same time forcing organizations to pull out all the stops to implement ...

            24 Mar 2020


            How Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Can Help Against COVID-19

            Fortunately, new cases of COVID-19 have slowed in China, but it is crucial to flatten the curve worldwide. If we can slow down the rate of infection, ...

            20 Mar 2020


            The True Values of a Company and the True Value of People

            A company is more than just a physical and virtual space; it is also a human space where people must be cared for. Organizations like to say that their people come first. Is this really true?

            In their messaging and in the values they promote, most businesses use humanistic rhetoric to imply that people and their talent are “the center and the heart of the company.” Many organizations claim that their “workers, employees, and professionals are the true protagonists.”

            19 Mar 2020


            Is the stock market discounting a cash-crunch?

            The Ibex 35 has lost about 40 percent of its value over the last month. This time, though, banks and financial engineering are not the direct ...

            19 Mar 2020


            A Cybersecurity Stress Test

            The current situation is giving rise to new work habits—rather hastily, in some cases. Many companies have been forced against their will to accept ...

            18 Mar 2020


            Pandemic Generosity and Digital Transformation

            As the ancient Chinese proverb says, “Spilled water can not be retrieved.” After being flooded with messages urging ...

            18 Mar 2020


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