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            Chain of Change.

            Every journey that matters starts with a first step, starts with someone who dreamed of it.

            Bravery and purpose become anchors of those who, while dreaming of a why not, arrive at a how to. Those who make something better by stepping off the path into uncharted territory, empower all the rest to believe. Those who see opportunities where others see defeat.

            At IE, we have thought extensively about how the world of tomorrow will look and what kind of knowledge we must ?generate, enabling our students to thrive in it. We believe that education can change the world. This is why we equip students with strong knowledge, skills and values to create a sustainable future.

            We are committed to making fundamental changes in the way that our community behaves by orienting all of our processes towards the principles of sustainability, tackling social, environmental and economic impact.

            The chain of change has already begun. We need you to take action in creating the world we want to live in.

            10 YEAR CHALLENGE:
            10 years, 10 challenges

            We are are transitioning to become an experiential place of learning for sustainable development, and are therefore working on directing all of our processes towards the principles of sustainability. Sustainable learning environments allow educators and learners to integrate sustainability principles into their daily practices, facilitate competence development and value education comprehensively.

            We are committed to making fundamental changes in the way that our community consumes goods, as well as manages the waste generated.

            We foster diversity and intercultural understanding, tolerance, mutual respect and an ethic of global citizenship and shared responsibility.

            To reach our goal of educating the best leaders, students cultivate critical and creative thinking skills, engage in authentic interdisciplinary learning activities and develop a value system that emphasizes responsibility to themselves, to others and to the planet.

            Sustainability at our schools

            Our goal is to ensure that all students who graduate from IE are trained as responsible leaders and are aware of their role in building a sustainable world. We aim to boost IE’s contribution to cutting edge sustainability related knowledge and innovation. Learn more about our approach by clicking on the links below:

            Are you interested in more information on how IE University is committed to achieving the 2030 Agenda?

            Contact us

            Entrepreneurship and Sustainability

            Globalization has made us more aware of environmental degradation and the fragility of our planet. The promotion of businesses that are environmentally sustainable and that work in harmony with nature and the surrounding communities has become a key objective of IE University.

            Entrepreneurship Initiatives & Projects

            IE University finds it important to support entrepreneurship projects and initiatives that keep the SDGs in mind. We emphasize in making our students understand what the SDGs are and where their ventures might serve to impact the goals. Among the most outstanding projects, we have the?Social Innovators Retreat, by the IE Africa Center, Los 18 – Travesía Global Solidaria, IMBA Impact Project: Social Impact Lab South Africa with Emzingo and many differents Venture Labs:
              • Venture Lab 2019: GudPik: An IE Venture Lab start-up focused on cooperating with food businesses to help them sell their meal surplus and avoid throwing it away.
              • Venture Lab 2019: uPower Green: An IE Venture Lab start-up interesting in being the first rental network of portable batteries for mobile, driven 100% by clean energy.
              • Venture Lab 2019: SYMBA: An IE Venture Lab startup that designs B2B software that helps small and medium sized companies manage their internship programs through onboarding, project management, performance feedback and engagement features.

              Academia & Research

              At IE University, we help our students to develop attitudes and skills, and to acquire knowledge that allows them to make decisions, now and in the future, and to put those decisions into practice. We promote specific academic content to ensure that students develop transversal sustainability competencies, as it will allow individuals to contribute to sustainable development through the promotion of social, economic and political change, as well as through the transformation of their own behavior. In addition, we encourage research on the subject and collaborate with several partners internationally.

              Sustainability Learning Experiences

              Sustainable learning environments allow educators and learners to integrate sustainability principles into their daily practices and facilitate skill-building and experience development.


              Sustainable development research enables individuals to reflect on their own actions by considering their current and future social and environmental effects from a global perspective. This then enables them to intervene productively in shaping actions in a more sustainable manner.

              Case Studies

              At IE University we provide our students with an experience-based approach that can help bridge the gap between knowledge and action through remarkable case studies.


              In the last 5 years more than 70 articles related to sustainability were published by the IE University community. Of these we highlight:

              Can luxury brands be ethical? Reducing the sophistication liability of luxury brands

              Diego Costa Pinto, Marcia Maurerherter, Dinlney Goncalves, Eda Sayin

              Safety crises and R&D outsourcing alliances: Which governance mode minimizes negative spillovers?

              Diestre, L.


              Unethical behavior under relative performance evaluation: Evidence and remedy

              Konstantina Tzini, Kriti Jain


              Legal Origins, Corporate Governance, and Environmental Outcomes

              Kock, C.J. & Min, B.S.

              Notes from the editors: Ethical guidelines at Journal of Operations Management

              Guide, Jr., V. D. R., & Ketokivi, M.


              IE Community & Partnerships

              As a community of students, faculty, administration staff and alumni, we define ourselves through a key set of values and objectives, in order to: promote businesses that enhance progress and well-being, support diversity and global understanding, promote sustainable development and preserve natural resources, recognize that people are the main asset of any community, including businesses and organizations. IE University, through its educational and formative activity, has created alliances with national and international companies that help with its contribution to the creation of Centers and Chairs where different research, development and improvement activities of society are carried out.

              Clubs & Activities

              In our commitment to sustainability, IE University allocates special attention to the various Clubs & Activities that are involved with our students throughout their IE experience. At IE, we promote clubs whose practices are involved in positively affecting the environment, society and economy.

              Corporate Partnerships

              Sustainable Development Goal #17 states that the SDGs can only be realized with strong global partnerships and cooperation. At IE University we keep this in mind and are looking at growing our number of partnerships, because by combining our resources with other sustainability-focused companies, we will be able to help more talented people become a reference in a more sustainable global society.

              IE Alumni working in Sustainability

              IE's relationship with UN


              • Kofi Annan - Secretary General of the UN - proposes a “Global Compact” to the large companies gathered in Davos, to cooperate in the fight to solve todays’ greatest global challenges.


              • The Global Compact office is created at the United Nations.
              • Companies that adhere to the Global Compact sign a document committing to respect the 9 principles integrated into three categories: human rights; labor rights and respect for the environment. In 2004, Principle 10, the fight against corruption, is included. The signature of adhesion implies a voluntary commitment, without legal implications, that produces some distrust among some civil society organizations.


              • Inditex is the first Spanish company to sign the Global Compact in a ceremony in Arteixo with the participation of a senior representative from the New York office.


              • The Rafael del Pino Foundation invites Kofi Annan to a “master class” and presents him with a book signed by 135 large Spanish companies that Rafael del Pino (President of FERROVIAL) personally contacts for them to join.
              • A Coordination Committee is created for its promotion, which for two years coordinates the dissemination efforts of the Pact. IE has a leading role in its management through the work of Manuel Escudero - Academic Assistant Director at the time - who joins Joaquín Garralda in 2003.


              • Given the limitations of the Coordination Committee as an “informal network”, the Spanish Association of the Global Compact is created, and many IBEX companies become members. Joaquín Garralda occupies the position of Secretary, which he maintains in successive renewals of positions until 2014.
              • In this time, IE works to transmit the importance of the 10 Principles through teaching initiatives and communications efforts, especially among SMEs, to build trust in society about the social role of companies.


              • IE is part of the Founding Task Force, made up of deans and presidents of the world's leading management schools, who prepare the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) document that they deliver to Ban Ki-moon at a ceremony in Geneva.
              • JG attends the ceremony together with Manuel Escudero who at that time was Head Global Compact Networks at UN Global Compact Office.
              • IE adheres to the initiative and meets the requirement to report biannually.


              • Given the success of the Spanish Local Network as the local network with the largest number of signatories in the world and the one with the most relationships in and out of Spain, Ban Ki-moon visits the leaders of the companies that have collaborated the most in promoting The Global Compact.


              • Ban Ki-moon, on his tour to promote the SDGs, meets with business leaders in Spain, and Santiago í?iguez attends on behalf of IE.


              • July 2018: As a result of the partnership between IE and the UN Staff System College, the Master in International Development is launched at IE School of Global & Public Affairs. The Master is designed around the 2030 Agenda and students obtain a master’s degree from IE and a Certificate in Sustainable Development from the UNSSC. In September 2018, the Master’s is formally launched at the UN headquarters in New York during UNGA week. This Master becomes the most successful launch in the history of IE with 39 students enrolled in the first year (Fall 2019).
              • December 2018: The partnership between the IE and the International Trade Center launches an Executive Master in Trade and Internationalization. The ITC is an organization of the WTO and the UN.


              • October 2019: Borja Santos, Executive Director for Undergraduate Programs at IE GPA, joins the Steering Committee of SDG Learn, a UNITAR platform and the UNSSC to advance teaching about SDGs.
              • November 2019: Jaime de Aguinaga, Vice Dean of Management and Development of IE GPA, inaugurates the launch event of the UN Innovation Toolkit that takes place in Madrid.


              • January 2020: the partnership with the ITC is expanded with the launch of a scholarship program for women within the framework of the UN SheTrades initiative. The program will offer 6 full scholarships to women working in trade and international business expansion.


              IE participates in sustainability associations that make an impact.

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