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            Maya Mirchandani
            Social media is currently the biggest source of information for almost everyone. There’s no liability, and yet they function as a newsroom.
            Maya Mirchandani
            Senior Fellow at the Observer Research Foundation, speaking at Club de Madrid | IE
            Rebeca Grynspan
            The quality of education varies widely in Latin America, and this is the main risk factor for intergenerational transmission of social inequality.
            Rebeca Grynspan
            Secretary-General of the Ibero-American General Secretariat (SEGIB), speaking at enlightED | IE
            Dario Gil
            The combination of “bits + neurons + qubits” will revolutionize computing, with broad implications for all of us.
            Darío Gil
            Global Research Director at IBM, speaking at enlightED | IE
            IE Corporate Hub | IE Insights

            Talent videos

            The Design of Spaces in Successful Organizations

            Conversation with Lars-Johan Jarnheimer, Chairman of IKEA Group

            Nuevas habilidades para una nueva mentalidad

            The Skills and Mindset for Success

            Arancha Ruiz

            Polarization and the Challenge for Talent

            Authentic Leadership (Part II): The Three “H”s

            Authentic Leadership (Part I): The Confidence Factor


            Articles Hacia un nuevo diseno de la carrera 2000x1131

            Reshaping the Professional and Personal Career

            By Teresa Martín-Retortillo. With the increased life expectancy and constant shifting of professional careers, there is also a greater need to actively manage both our careers and the knowledge and skills we all need to be successful.

            Articles Emprendimiento intergeneracional la segunda juventud de las empresas familiares

            Intergenerational Entrepreneurship: Rejuvenating Family Business

            By Enrique Ogliastri. The new generations tasked with leading family businesses must surpass a major hurdle: coming up...

            Articles Un nuevo mundo con nuevos valores

            A New World with New Values

            José María álvarez-Pallete shares his vision of the keys to business management in the digital age.

            Articles De startup a scaleup

            From Startup to Scaleup

            By Joe Haslam. The shift from the startup age to the scaleup age requires a new mindset and training in executive skills.


            Female Leadership: The Impact on Organizations

            By Julio de Castro, Rachida Justo and Luisa Delgado-Márquez.?Women’s presence on management teams is generally associated with a stronger social commitment and a more participatory leadership style.

            Articles Modelos de liderazgo para emprender y crecer

            Leadership Models for Starting and Growing Businesses

            By Simon Gifford and Saras D. Sarasvathy. Each phase of business development requires a particular leadership model. After startup—one of the most critical phases—a company must evolve into an established organization. A combination of two complementary leadership profiles can help to guarantee the sustainability of a business over time.

            The biggest thing we need to face is changing the perception of the current and future reality. How are we going to design the relationship with robots?
            Kan Kiyota
            Global Marketing Director at Softbank Robotics Corp., speaking at IE
            Kan Kiyota
            What we lack is not time, but attention.
            Bjorn Lee
            Founder and CEO of MindFi, speaking at IE
            Bjorn Lee
            Philanthropy is not about money, but about ideas. Philanthropists can do things that governments cannot, and that is to innovate.
            Hannah Rothschild
            Writer, Philanthropist and Documentary Filmmaker, speaking at IE
            Hannah Rothschild
            Look towards creating impact as opposed to just creating a product.
            Michael Lints
            Venture Partner at Golden Gate Ventures, speaking at IE
            Michael Lints
            If you don’t believe in what you’re doing, you’ll never be able to achieve anything that you really want to do.
            Linda Kasonde
            President of the Law Association of Zambia, speaking at IE
            Linda Kasonde
            We have to continue learning every single day, and we have to get into a mindset that allows us to implement change faster.
            Meri Rosich
            Chief Intelligence Officer in the Datawise Division of Oak Lawn Marketing, speaking at IE
            Meri Rosich
            You can’t ordain innovation, but you can create an environment in which it can organically grow.
            Dan Bulucea
            Director of Google Marketing Solutions for Asia Pacific, speaking at IE
            Dan Bulucea
            Innovation is a chasing mechanism. Your reason for being, the purity of purpose, is what’s going to define which companies are here in the future.
            Matt Dill
            Senior Vice President and Head of Innovation and Strategic Partnerships at Visa, speaking at IE
            Matt Dill


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